New Product: SCR88804 Series


Model Number: SCR88804-0001
Material: Ceramic


Model Number: SCR88804-0002
Material: Ceramic


Model Number: SCR88804-0003
Material: Ceramic


Model Number: SCR88804-0004
Material: Ceramic


Model Number: SCR888-0636
Material: Clay


Model Number: SCR88-0820
Material: Ceramic


Model Number: SCR888-0573
Material: ABS


Model Number: SCR88-0311
Material: Ceramic

Our chips come in a palate of colors, from pink and lavender to black.  You can also purchase them blank, or with designs and denominations already imprinted on them.  For the player ready to go to the next level, as well as for the gift-giver trying to impress his or her favorite poker enthusiast, we provide a wide range of customization options for chips as well.  With such a vast array of available options, the odds of finding the perfect chip set are certainly in your favor.

However you choose to customize your poker chips, they are sure to be a real hit with your friends and poker buddies.  After all, when it comes down to it, poker is about your personal style, and the poker merchandise in your collection should reflect that.  You don’t have to be an up-and-coming Texas Hold’em Star to enjoy the game Mark Twain once termed “unpardonably neglected.”  We never bluff on quality or customer service, and we welcome you to join the estimated 30 million people in Malaysia alone who have come to know and love poker.  Ol’ Sam would be proud.